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Be & Patagonia

Be & Patagonia worked together to develop a high end casual footwear line inspired by surf culture.  Be performed market research to define current competition, ideal target market and find the best materials and processes for production. The Stoke footwear line is rooted in culture and focused on sustainability. The leather is manufactured at an environmentally driven factory and the entire shoe was created to be recycled, reused and repurposed. We preformed a full product build from conception to realistic renderings and technical packages to ready for manufacturing. 

This project was done in partnership with Wolverine World Wide. 



PSLI is a sign language interpreting company connecting the deaf and hard of hearing community with the hearing community. The PSLI team and Be worked together rebrand their company for today's market. Together we created a logo that portrayed their purpose and resembled their team, after logo development the brand identity was integrated into a full website build that focuses on requesting services and informing consumers. 



Be & Bear Naked

Working in partnership with OBE & Bear Naked Granola we designed a playful, interactive and adaptable sampling trailer to travel cross country and sample several new products. Be produced a comprehensive 3D model of the mobile trailer complete with and effective consumer journey, interactive elements, and graphics. 



Be & The BE vibe

At Be we believe in harvesting passion, so we live by that mantra. We have created a brand that is derived from our soul and fueled by our inspiration. The Be Vibe brand is all about being authentic and giving back to the environment. We pride ourselves on enabling consumers to interact with our brand and make it their own. We also believe in voting for nature, and being responsible for sustaining its well-being. 

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